ACSI staff undertake a year-round program of research, engagement, advocacy and voting advice. These activities provide a solid basis for our members to exercise their ownership rights. 


ACSI's research supports our advocacy, engagement and voting programs and includes long-running annual projects, such as CEO Pay in ASX200 Companies and Sustainability Reporting Practices of the ASX200, as well as thematic research on specific material ESG issues. All of our research provides a solid evidence base for engagement with companies, regulators and the investment community more broadly. Click here to view ACSI's Research Reports



ACSI seeks to influence companies through constructive engagement with their boards about material ESG issues, with the aim of promoting long term shareholder value and minimising risk. Some examples of ESG risks discussed are board diversity and independence, remuneration report recommendations, carbon asset risk, human rights in supply chains and sustainability reporting disclosure. 


Australian Voting Alert Service (AVAS)

Voting at AGMs is an important first step for ACSI members to exercise their shareholder rights and manage corporate governance risks in the companies in which they invest. Before the ACSI AVAS was introduced, only 30% of overall shareholdings were voted in Australia. Now it's 60%. Our voting recommendations are based on the ACSI Governance Guidelines and material governance issues. The AVAS covers S&P/ASX300 companies.  Each report provides subscribers with detailed analysis, ACSI's voting recommendations, a range of relevant corporate governance information and the outcomes of ACSI’s engagement with company representatives. For further information please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 



ACSI actively contributes to government, parliamentary committees and other relevant public policy forums to promote a regulatory system that is equitable and effective for long term investors. Click here to view ACSI's Submissions