Becoming an ACSI member
Benefits of membership
Membership categories

Becoming an ACSI member

Membership of ACSI is open to all profit-to-members superannuation funds and asset managers who primarily manage assets for profit to members superannuation funds who are committed to ACSI’s Beliefs.


Benefits of membership

ACSI is unique within the Australian ESG marketplace. Some of the benefits we offer our members include:

Asset owner voice



ACSI is a membership organisation, solely focused on outcomes for members, not on returning a profit to shareholders. Our members are intimately involved in our governance and set our priorities and strategy.




ACSI members own over 10 per cent of most ASX200 companies, on average. This gives us a strong voice and makes us highly influential in our advocacy to both listed companies and government and regulators.

Member involvement



ACSI encourages the involvement of members in our work. For Full Members, this includes attendance at our engagement meetings with listed companies.

Community of interest



ACSI provides members with opportunities to collaborate on ESG issues and creates an ESG ‘community of interest’ to enable members to share ideas and learn from each other. 


Membership categories

ACSI offers three levels of membership to cater for the needs of members:

Full membership

Full membership is ACSI’s most comprehensive offering, for Australian funds and asset managers who wish to be actively involved in ACSI’s strategy and policy. This includes representation on ACSI’s Member Council – our policy making body. Full members are eligible to nominate for election on the ACSI Board – which oversees our future strategy. Full members are also entitled to use and receive our research and proxy voting services.

Associate membership

Associate membership is available to Australian funds and asset managers who want to collaborate with peers on ESG issues, and access our research and engagement work, but do not wish to be actively involved on ACSI’s Member Council or Board.

International membership

ACSI’s international membership is for overseas asset owners who wish to collaborate with ACSI and our Australian members in relation to their Australian investment portfolios.


To find out more about becoming an ACSI member please call +61 (0)3 8667 3890 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..