Climate-related Financial Disclosure Statement (TCFD)

Young electrical engineer woman and business man standing in front of wind turbines checking and working about technical problems and writes the results of measurements with laptop pc in wind power plant electric energy station. xxxl size taken with canon 5d mIV

Climate change is distinctly financial in nature, presenting risk and opportunities for
businesses. There are physical risks and opportunities associated with rising mean global
temperatures, rising sea levels and increased severity of extreme weather events, and
transitional risks and opportunities as the economy adjusts to a lower carbon future. Because
of this, ACSI has been engaging with companies on climate change risks and opportunities
for over a decade.

We encourage companies to conduct and disclose scenario analysis that considers the
transition risks of moving to a Paris-aligned economy as well as the physical risks associated
with unmitigated climate change.

Adopting disclosure ourselves is our way of keeping ourselves accountable to what we
expect from the companies we engage with. Although we do not have material climate risk
exposure in our own business operations, we see the benefit of assessing and addressing
climate change risk, and as such we are reporting here on our progress.

This report aims to demonstrate how it can be useful for businesses of all shapes, sizes and
industries to undergo regular and thorough examination of their own exposure to climate
change, and to question how it will impact the business going forward.

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