Corporate documents


2020 Annual Report

ACSI produces an annual report to demonstrate accountability to our stakeholder. In 2018, we began incorporating principles from the International Integrated Reporting Framework into our annual report. We think this approach provides the best explanation of how we use resources to create value for our members and stakeholders.

Constitution of ACSI Limited

The Constitution sets out the manner in which the members of ACSI have agreed to conduct the internal administration of ACSI.

ACSI FRAC Governance Charter

This charter outlines the key policies and processes for the governance of ACSI by its Finance, Risk and Audit Committee (FRAC).

ACSI Code of Conduct

The ACSI Code of Conduct explains how to apply the ACSI values and achieve our business objectives.

ACSI Privacy Policy

This policy details how ACSI protects the privacy of information we contain.

Philanthropic Policy

ACSI recognises that philanthropic and charitable organisations may own Australian equities as a part of their investment programs. Our Philanthropic Policy considers requests to provide our Voting Alert Services (VAS) free of charge on a case-by-case basis to these organisations.

ACSI Financial Report 2019/20

This report details ACSI’s Annual Financial Report for the year ended 30 June 2020.

ACSI Panel Pledge

This policy ensures that events we participate in, organise or are associated with are gender balanced, including conferences, panels and seminars, among others.


ACSI Supplier Code of Conduct

The ACSI Supplier Code of Conduct outlines to requirements, standards and expectations we hold our partners accountable to.


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