Board & Member Council



The Board charts the future direction of ACSI with input from the Member Council. It oversees ACSI’s finance, risk management and compliance, and appoints and reviews the performance of the Chief Executive Officer. The Board is made up of ten Larger Full Member representatives and four Smaller Full Member representatives, with the President and Deputy President elected from and by the Board. Current Board members are:

Debby Blakey (Chair/President) – HESTA, Chief Executive Officer
Donna Heffernan – Active Super, Deputy Chief Executive and Company Secretary
Charles Woodhouse – Australian Retirement Trust, Deputy Chief Investment Officer
Paul Schroder – AustralianSuper, Chief Executive Officer
Deanne Stewart – Aware Super,  Chief Executive Officer
Michelle Gardiner – (Deputy President) CareSuper, Trustee Director
Kristian Fok – Cbus, Chief Investment Officer
David Elia – HOSTPLUS, Chief Executive Officer
Joshua Lim – IFM Investors, Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Antony Thow – LUCRF Super, Deputy CEO and COO
Vicki Doyle – REST Super, Chief Executive Officer
John Livanas – State Super, Chief Executive Officer
Lou Capparelli  – UniSuper, Manager, Sustainable Portfolios and Governance
Russell Clarke  – VFMC, Chief Investment Officer


Member Council

The Member Council establishes ACSI’s strategic direction and serves as its policy making body. It meets quarterly and provides advice to the Board on a range of issues, including the annual business plan, the budget and the research program. It seeks input from members in relation to ACSI policy and strategic priorities, and also provides members with information sharing and educational opportunities. Current Member Council representatives are:

Debby Blakey (Chair/President) – Chief Executive Officer, HESTA 
Ross Barry – Chief Investment Officer, Spirit Super
Nicole Bradford
 – Portfolio Head, Responsible Investment Manager, Cbus Super
Lou Capparelli – Senior Manager, Sustainable Portfolios & Governance, UniSuper
James Cheetham – Sustainable Investment Analyst, Australian Retirement Trust
Kim Farrant – General Manager, Responsible Investment, HESTA
Sarah Gallard – Senior Manager, Responsible Investment, State Super
Andrew Gray – Director, ESG & Stewardship, AustralianSuper
Andrew Howard –  Chief Investment Officer, Togethr Trustees
David Humphreys – Head of Sustainable Investing, TelstraSuper
Skye King – Senior Manager, ESG and Responsible Investment, NGS Super
Shali Lingaretnam – Head of Investment Stewardship, VFMC
Susannah Lock – Head of Responsible Investment, Hostplus
Jerom Lotscher – Investment Operations Officer, TWUSUPER
Liza McDonald – Head of Responsible Investment, Aware Super
Rosalind McKay – Head of  Stewardship and Policy, Responsible Investment, Cbus
Claire Molinari – Head of ESG, CareSuper
Chris Newton – Executive Director, Responsible Investment, IFM Investors
Tim Richardson – Investment Product Specialist, Mine Super
Antony Thow – Deputy Chief Executive Officer & Chief Operating Officer, LUCRF Super
Bill Watson – Chief Executive Officer, First Super
Leilani Weier – Head of Responsible Investments, Rest Super
Michael Wyrsch – Chief Investment Officer, Vision Super
Moya Yip – Head of Responsible Investment, Active Super

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